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Mia Malkova – Perfect Couple

Mia Malkova, dressed in a bra and a short thong is on a mission for her husband Danny Mountain. Although he may have fallen asleep as Mia crawled onto his bed, he wakes up when his hot girlfriend joins him. Mia ensures that Danny is aware that she’s in control by pressing him back on the bed when he attempts to sit up.

Then, she guides his hands to where Mia wants them to touch. He enjoys playing with Mia’s tits, rock hard nipples and takes the liberty to enhance her pleasure by pulling her tight slit into his manhood. He makes it clear to her that she enjoys his touch. Mia then settles down between her husband’s thighs, and Danny begins to move his boxers down his legs.

This blonde coed will not stop licking Danny’s balls, then lovingly taking his cock into her mouth for a sensual blowjob. He gently takes Mia off his fuckstick so that he can take her thong off and enjoy her beautiful tits. Danny guides Mia to stand so that he can place himself at the end, allowing Mia to lie down on his dick.

From the moment she is fully impaled her movements are slow and painful. Danny then guides her to stand up so that he can position himself at the end of the bed, allowing Mia to sink down onto his dick. Her husband quickly presses his hand on her mound, allowing his thumb to touch her clit and his tongue to taste the softness of Mia’s anus.

After Mia makes loud, long moans, Danny presses his hand to her mound so that his thumb can touch her clit while his tongue samples the softness of her anus. Mia loves the doggy-style pussy pounding, which makes her boobs move with her husband’s thrusts. Danny flips Mia onto her back so they can have a spooning coupleling.

He keeps his strokes short so they hit her g-spot while he rubs her neck. Mia quickly reveals her true colors with such dedicated attention. Danny is sure to be swept away by her pulsing pussy walls. He takes Mia’s soft twat into his seed and pulls out just in the right time.

Mia Malkova Bio

Mia’s alluring body and slutty mindset quickly led to her rise as one of the sexiest kinky angels.

Mia Malkova is very popular with smut fans, and with her slamming body and smoking good looks it’s easy to understand why. She has an fantastic pink twat that is greatest for wrapping around a nice fat cock, and an butt that bounces hypnotically every time she gets screwed. With cock sucking abilities to suck an orange through a straw, Mia’s body of sexy fucks are adored by fans of stunning babes worldwide.

With a tight, tanned, and attractive body, an amazing pair of breasts, and a come-hither stare that seems to beg for the prick, Mia Malkova has the ideal classic porn star look. As much as she loves fucking dudes, take one look at her burying her face in a butt and shoving her tongue deep into her cunt-hole, and you will see the full extent of her bisexuality.

Mia Malkova is one of of the sexiest nymphos in the business.

Mia Malkova was born in Palm Springs, CA USA on 1-Jul-1992 which makes her a Cancer. Her measurements are 118 lbs (54 kg), she weighs in at 5’7″ (170 cm) and stands at Black. She has thick hazel hair. Real/Natural was the year that Mia Malkova debuted on the porn scene. When Mia Malkova turned 34C (75C), she made the decision to make her first appearance in the porn world. Mia retired from the fuck business in Average. We hope Mia makes a revival soon.

Date: September 14, 2022