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Ms Faris – Effortlessly Sexy

Ms Faris is reading, but Jake Adams, her boyfriend, has something more involved. Ms Faris is being rubbed between her legs by Jake Adams, who gently rubs her thighs with his hands. Jake’s hand touches Ms Faris’s thong, pushing it aside so he can feel her wet pussy. She pushes down her bra, and Jake takes off her pants.

Ms Faris is satisfied that Jake has her attention and Jake returns to his place between her legs. He reaches for her sweet cream and then stiffens the tip of his tongue to reach every inch of her delicate folds. This attention only sets Ms Faris up for some oral sex. She raises her glasses and puts her hands on Jake’s hardon.

She opens her mouth to let him enjoy the velvety steel of his erection and she strangles him. This is all they need to foreplay before Ms Faris climbs onto a couch and raises one leg while she holds herself still. This position allows Jake to push his dick inside. As he rides Ms Faris from behind, he grabs her ponytail.

He pulls her up so that he can kiss her tits, pierced lips and enjoy her blissful snatch. Ms Faris then rolls onto her back as Jake enters her. As he takes control of her body, her pleasure is complete and she falls apart in his arms. Jake is content that his girlfriend has received all the love she deserves, so he lets her give him a hand until he puts his hands in her mouth.

Ms Faris Bio

Let your eyes wander over her superbly nicely well toned physique, her delightfully shaped boobs, and you’ll understand why she is one of the most provocative slave cumsluts.

Ms Faris’s beauty is so unbelievable that you’d think she was a goddess living on a cloud. In the few short years since she premiered in fuck flicks, Ms Faris has made a name for herself as a talented and flexible porn star, with natural beauty and a twat that can swallow up the biggest cocks. Clearly a babe with an oral fixation and always eager to wrap her fantastic boobs around a dick, Ms has assets that are assured to keep you at attention.

Along with her easy-going attitude towards sex, her good looks and slutty attitude make her a healthy porn star. Watching Ms have sex on camera is an experience, whether she is being dominated by an aggressive lesbian, or fucked with the biggest dicks we can find.

No matter the size of the dick you throw at her, Stevie delights in sucking it deep and slow.

Ms Faris was born in Sacramento, CA, USA on 15-Jan-1997 which makes her a Capricorn. Her measurements are 110 lbs (50 kg), she weighs in at 5’4″ (163 cm) and stands at Dirty Blond. She has silky brown hair. Ms Faris made her entry in the porn world in Real/Natural. When Ms initially broke into the sex industry, she was 32B years old. Ms retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Ms makes a revival soon.

Date: August 18, 2022
Pornstars: Jake Adams / Ms Faris