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Alina Lopez – Black Lingerie

Bambino patiently waits for Alina Lopez, his girlfriend. She has promised him a surprise. Bambino is stunned when she walks into the room in a simple lingerie outfit that hugged her breasts. Alina is quick to climb into Bambino’s lap and steals a kiss from him as he fills his hands with the sweetness of her bottom.

As the heat of passion grips them, their makeout session quickly escalates. Alina is laid down on the couch and Bambino begins to work his way down her body. He stops at Alina’s tits and pulls them from her bra, grabbing each breast to kiss. He then kisses her belly until he reaches her final destination between her legs.

Bambino teases his girlfriend by using light touches to his tongue and removing the sheer material from Alina’s crotch. As Bambino nibbles and kisses between licks, Alina’s breath is expelled in short bursts. For a better taste, she flicks her tongue across her head and then opens her mouth. She licks and strokes her lips until her blowjob becomes more enthusiastic.

Then, she turns her head so that Bambino can finally fulfill their mutual desire to shove his dick balls into her hot pussy. They both love the way she rocks back and forth with each stroke. Bambino keeps one hand on Alina’s hip to anchor him, and the other on Alina’s back to support her. Alina doesn’t like the angle of penetration so Bambino sits down on the couch and allows his lover to climb onto his lap.

This position is better for them both, as it allows them to have intimate eye contact, while Alina grinds and bounces to the climax. She can enjoy her position between Bambino and her thighs so that she can take her sweet time getting to the top of her lover’s passion. He finally does cum and fills Alina with a large cumshot, which she enjoys happily as it drips down her cheeks.

Alina Lopez Bio

Alina has sucked and shagged her way through countless scenes with dudes, babes, and groups, making her one of the lustiest dominatrix peaches.

With a fantastic smile, and a body you could die for, Alina Lopez is the perverted babe of your dreams. Not only is this bisexual beauty a true porn queen, thanks to her incredible ass, perky breasts, and natural talent for cock sucking, but she’s really open and connected with her supporters. Her dramatic curves and spicy teen spirit have fappers and industry big wigs alike crawling on their knees, begging for just a glimpse of her rockin’ bod.

A cute and petite babe with a cute face and frame stacked with some of the most miraculous boobs to grace the net, this porn princess has everything you’d hope for and then some. Her long slender legs are one of the hottest pairs in the industry, and seeing them wrapped in a alluring pair of stockings will surely turn you into a long-lasting fan.

If you love pornstars who aren’t afraid to go deep on a fat cock then take a load off and give Alina Lopez a whirl.

Alina Lopez was born in Washington State on 7-Sep-1995 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 110 lbs (50 kg), she weighs in at 5’6″ (168 cm) and stands at Dark Brown. She has silky hazel hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Alina Lopez beginning her pornstar career. This sexy babe was 32B years old when she started fucking for us to view. Alina retired from the porn business in Slim. We hope Alina makes a revival soon.

Date: May 14, 2023
Pornstars: Alina Lopez / Bambino