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Alexa Tomas and – Mi Amor

Alexa Tomas is sultry and seductive. She admires her slim body and bra, which are the perfect accessories for the seduction she plans. With a touch of perfume, her plan to get Fernando to his knees is complete. Alexa is able to pass Fernando up the stairs without even taking a step. He then reaches out to touch his brunette lover and pulls her in for a deep, passionate kiss.

Alexa takes advantage of Fernando’s position below Alexa to press her tongue and mouth into her shaved, slit-free slit. Alexa then pulls her dick out of her arms and wraps her eager lips around her head. She licks and suckers from Fernando’s base to his cocks, and her enthusiasm is unbridled. Fernando lifts Alexa off her feet and presses her back against the mirror until she is completely impaled by his hard-core erection.

He is not gentle in his rough and rowdy thrusts, but Alexa is completely into his deep pussy pounding. The couple then move to an ottoman where Fernando can lay Alexa down and continue his dominance of her needy twat. To give Alexa the best, he alternates slow and deep strokes with hard and fast to make her feel pampered.

He gets up and plunges into Alexa’s cooch, a quick possession that quickly turns into a rough dog style pounding. Alexa jumps on Fernando’s lap and encourages him to climb onto the couch. Fernando continues his frenetic fucking once she’s fully seated. Alexa finds the perfect position and can reach forward to rub her clit.

She can admire her radiant body and see her lover dominating her. This combination of stimuli is a great one for the Spanish coed. Alexa is so happy that she can’t stop having orgasmas, and she drops to her knees in encouragement of Fernando to come along. Fernando only needs a few minutes to give himself a job that will allow him to test his endurance.

Hot strands of cum begin to shoot out and cover Alexa in a sticky face that is exactly what she wanted.

Alexa Tomas Bio

Alexa has slurped and banged her way through numerous scenes with guys, babes, and groups, making her one of the finest domme beavers.

Alexa Tomas is a beautiful beauty who loves to show off her astonishing body and make both men and women drool. Since she started in porn, Alexa Tomas has racked up a host of loyal supporters, who can’t get enough of her plump lips, her curvy physique, or her enthusiasm for getting hammered hard from behind. She’s got ideal tan skin, a tight and toned stomach, long legs, and lips that are perfect for cock sucking.

Along with her easy-going attitude towards sex, her good looks and slutty attitude make her a healthy porn star. Whether you offer her lesbian performances, or the chance to get slammed by a generous cock, Alexa is down for any kind of hot extreme sex.

This tiny fox is a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac.

Alexa Tomas was born in Valencia, Spain on 19-Mar-1985 which makes her a Pisces. Her measurements are 123 lbs (56 kg), she weighs in at 5’9″ (175 cm) and stands at Black. She has lovely hazel hair. Alexa Tomas joined the porn world in Real/Natural. When Alexa initially broke into the sex industry, she was 32B (70B) years of age. Alexa retired from the adult porn business in Athletic. We hope Alexa makes a revival soon.

Date: November 26, 2022
Pornstars: Alexa Tomas / Fernando