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Eliza Ibarra – Why Dont You Join Us

Codey Steele is enjoying time with Vanna Bardot. As they are getting into the heat of their makeout sessions, Vanna’s roommate Eliza Ibarra returns home. She joins the couple on the couch, clearly upset. Vanna and Codey attempt to figure out why Eliza is upset. Eliza tells them that she was just stood up by her date and she is now feeling a bit depressed.

Vanna insists Eliza should stay with them. Vanna and Codey go to the kitchen to grab some snacks. Codey thinks they will keep having affairs, but Vanna interrupts him and says that she would like to have Eliza along with her and make their intimate time a three-way. Codey is open to the idea of a change.

The couple returns to their living room to ask Eliza if she’d like to be there. Although Eliza is shy about going out with her roommate and boyfriend, Vanna insists that she do so. Eliza also discovers Codey’s cock, which she is keen to explore further. Vanna uses the chance to get out of Eliza’s clothes and then takes over for Eliza.

Vanna and Eliza are down to their thongs and the girls enjoy Codey’s company. The girls then take turns blowing Codey and letting him suck their tits. Eliza takes Codey’s hand and sank her trimmed twat onto his fuckstick. Vanna helps Eliza by rubbing her tits on her body and cuddling her. Eliza then goes for a ride with Vanna, who puts her tits against Codey’s face.

Eliza is there to help Vanna, touching her cheeks and giving her kisses. Vanna is able to get on her hands and knees to allow Codey to bang her in doggie. Eliza then lays down so that Vanna can eat Eliza’s food. Vanna checks that Eliza is comfortable before climbing on top of her. She sinks down and rides Eliza’s tongue while Codey rides Eliza’s snatch.

This position doubles up Codey’s endurance. He pulls out and lets Vanna stroke his neck until he gnaws all over Eliza’s muff. Vanna leans forward and lays on Eliza’s back. Then, he gives Eliza deep kisses so that they can enjoy Codey’s salty finish.

Eliza Ibarra Bio

Eliza Ibarra has always had a big appetite for dick, but this whooty babe says that working in porn has awoken a unlimited appetite for fucking, and made her hungrier for fat dicks than ever before gaining her a juciest kink honeys reputation.

The moment you lock eyes with Eliza Ibarra, you’re sure to fall under her alluring spell. Between her all-healthy seducer and her fearless manner towards taking on new erotic encounters, it’s no wonder Eliza has become a household name among fuck flicks supporters. From her flawless all-healthy physique down to the way she treats every dick like it’s the last one she’ll ever suck, she’s one of the most electrifying new talents to emerge in the adult trade in years.

She says she can fuck anything you can throw at her, and once you see her in action, you’ll believe it! Whether she is buried deep in snatch, taking it balls deep in her tight butt, or wrapping her large hot mouth around a big dick, this vixen gives it everything she has got.

There is a reason Eliza Ibarra is known for being one of the sexiest performers in the biz, so do not miss her feisty performances.

Eliza Ibarra was born in Riverside, CA USA on 22-Mar-1997 which makes her an Aries. Her measurements are 110 lbs (50 kg), she weighs in at 5’9″ (175 cm) and stands at Black. She has lovely brown hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Eliza Ibarra launching her pornstar career. When Eliza Ibarra turned 34B, she resolved to make her first appearance in the porn world. Eliza retired from the fuck business in Average. We hope Eliza makes a return soon.