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Gina Valentina and Riley Reyes – Unspoken

Gina Valentina, a Latina delight, takes her time getting ready to go on a date with Riley Reynolds. Riley enters the bedroom to see Gina on her bed, wearing a short skirt and sheer stockings that are thigh-high. He knows they won’t be going anywhere. Gina also knows this, especially after she sees Riley’s short skirt and thigh-high sheer stockings.

Gina pulls Riley close to her by his most intimate parts. He succumbs to her gentle stroking and settles on the bed. Gina soon has her puffy lips wrapped around Riley’s hardon, so she can seduce his length. Gina leans forward, suckling Riley’s stiffie. Gina is patient and takes her time, knowing that Riley will be happy to give her all.

Gina climbs up Riley’s body and raises her miniskirt. She lays her pussy in Riley’s faces, removing her lingerie thong. Riley hears the moans and begins to lick. Gina takes the hint, and she starts to moan. Riley then gets in on the act. Riley is just looking for some encouragement and a gasp of delight as he begins to thrust.

Gina is filled with his long, deep strokes that fill her up exactly the way she needs. Riley can now take control of Gina’s pleasure in this intimate position. He wraps his hand around Gina’s body and kisses her soft boobs. The other fingers are looking for her clit and he doubles down on his pleasure until Gina’s twat is pulsing around him.

Riley rolls onto his back and puts his hands on Gina’s hips to encourage her to ride with him. It’s good to see her reverse cowgirl fuck, but it gets even better when she leans forward and turns around. Gina laughs as Riley strokes her anus and bounces her booty. Gina is going to go into a tailspin when Riley presses his finger into her genitals.

After she has calmed down from her climax she uses her hand for Jack Riley to give her a full-on cum facial to please them both.

Gina Valentina Bio

Gina Valentina has always had a big appetite for dick, but this whooty starlet says that working in porn has awoken a unlimited appetite for fucking, and made her hungrier for fat rods than ever before gaining her a most alluring humiliation pornstars reputation.

Gina Valentina is is an adorable and playful sex kitten who loves being nude on camera. Gina started feeling cravings for hard dicks and wet pussies, and decided to finally take the porno plunge to gratify her hungry snatch. Her sweet and pretty smiling face is the greatest complement to her first class pussy as she takes a explicit pounding for your viewing pleasure.

Her plump lips are sexy and gorgeous, and watching her suck on a fat cock is like watching a true artist at work. This saucy wide-eyed hottie may have an harmless look to her, but trust me; Gina Valentina is a porn pro that was born to bend over.

She has a way of inserting character into everything she does.

Gina Valentina was born in Miami, Florida, USA on 18-Feb-1997 which makes her an Aquarius. Her measurements are 121 lbs (55 kg), she weighs in at 5’2″ (157 cm) and stands at Black. She has silky brown hair. Gina Valentina came into the porn world in Real/Natural. This hot babe was 32B years old when she started fucking for us to observe. Gina retired from the adult porn business in Slim. We hope Gina makes a return soon.

Riley Reyes Bio

Riley’s sexy physique and slutty mindset easily led to her rise as one of the most stunning bondage hotties.

Riley Reyes is is an adorable and playful fuck kitten who loves being naked on camera. Whether she’s going one-on-one with a fat tool, or getting dicked down by six hung dudes in a raunchy gang bang, Riley brings the same ferocious sexual energy to every performance. She’s also as good at licking snatch as she is at stroking dick, and is more than happy to mix and match partners.

This porn princess is practically greatest, with beautiful breasts, a tight and toned physique, and thighs that could only be wetter if they were wrapped around your waist. Renowned for her incredible blowjob skills, watching this beautiful lady give sloppy wet head to some of the fattest cocks on the planet is enough to turn even the most cynical of porn aficionados into a Riley fan.

This extremely kinky kitty has no trouble getting filthy on camera, and for her, this is just the beginning.

Riley Reyes was born in East Village, Manhattan, New York on 13-Apr-1989 which makes her an Aries. Her measurements are 118 lbs (54 kg), she weighs in at 5’5″ (165 cm) and stands at Blond. She has thick blue hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Riley Reyes launching her pornstar debut. When Riley Reyes turned 34B (75B), she made the decision to make her debut in the adult porn world. Riley retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Riley makes a revival soon.