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Tiffany Tatum – Or Something More

Veronica Leal is initially distraught when Tiffany Tatum and Raul Costa find her in bed with her boyfriend. Veronica convinces Tiffany to let Raul join her passion and it doesn’t take long for them to talk. Raul is delighted to accept an invitation to join a hot trio. Veronica and Tiffany make Raul feel welcome.

He enjoys his girlfriend’s titties while Tiffany adjusts to the idea that he can add a man to the mix. Veronica then pulls out Raul’s hardon and starts sucking. She is patient and takes time to love on Raul’s dick. Tiffany eventually joins the fray for her own musky pleasure. Their double blowjob allows both girls to get down from their previous climaxes, while priming Raul for stud.

Veronica jumps onto Raul’s fuckstick and takes the first ride. As she bounces off, her bare twat feels nice and wet. She rubs her snatch on Raul’s erection as she climbs off to feel the sensation in her slit. Veronica then climbs on Raul’s man food while Tiffany puts her pussy on Raul’s face. Veroica leans forward and suppresses her joy in Tiffany’s snatch.

After Veronica has once again paved the way for Tiffany, Tiffany now swaps places with her friend to let Raul bring her home. Raul grabs the toy that has brought the girls so much joy, and pulls Veronica forward. He sinks his balls into her welcome hole. He presses the toy to her neck so she gets deep, orgasmic pleasure.

Veronica’s moans become loud and long, so Tiffany jumps on her girlfriend’s back to ride the toy. Tiffany even holds the toy while Raul keeps his hips moving. Veronica then turns around and pulls Tiffany onto her shoulder so they can create a lesbian 69. Tiffany is the perfect place for Raul to slip on home to give it to her.

Raul pushes hard to deliver a creampie. Veronica waits with her mouth open for any drips of cum. Tiffany looks at Raul and licks his face. Then she snowballs the treat to her friend to complete their surprise trio.

Tiffany Tatum Bio

Tiffany is considered one of the most stunning domme vixens due to her amazing juicy butt that jiggles and bounces almost as much as her boobs do when she’s riding a hard cock, and a plump set of cock-sucking lips to match.

Tiffany Tatum is a busty babe with a extreme show-off streak. Tiffany Tatum is a attractive, energetic, and outgoing attractive babe with a physique to kickstart your heart. From her big nipples to her round ass, you’d have to be insane not to get fired up after one look at this beauty.

While sucking dick is what gets her wettest, she also loves threesomes where she can get pounding doggy-style while burying her face deep in pussy. Watching Tiffany have sex on camera is an experience, whether she is being dominated by an aggressive lesbian, or fucked with the biggest dicks we can find.

She has a way of inserting style into all she does.

Tiffany Tatum was born in Hungary on 14-Aug-1997 which makes her a Leo. Her measurements are 125 lbs (57 kg), she weighs in at 5’5″ (165 cm) and stands at Brown. She has thick blue hair. Tiffany Tatum entered the porn world in Real/Natural. When Tiffany first entered the sex industry, she was 34A years old. Tiffany retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Tiffany makes a comeback soon.

Date: June 22, 2022