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Mj Fresh – Time For Her

MJ Fresh is a big booty babe who knows what she has. She loves showing off her body in bras and thongs which hug her curves. Sam Shock is her latest conquest. They both wake up together, and MJ tries seduce Sam into eating his morning wood. Sam must go to work. Sam and MJ have a few heated moments together where they grope and caress each other.

After that, Sam turns it off so he can get ready to go. After Sam has changed into a shirt, she tries to get in on him in the kitchen. As they get into an argument, the horny babe can see how difficult Sam is for her. Sam’s resistance wins again, but MJ remains horny and unfulfilled. What does a cock-hungry babe do? She retreats to her bedroom, changes into a new outfit and goes to bed.

She gathers her belongings, wearing tight shorts that show her strong legs and a crop top barely larger than a bra. She wanders out of her bedroom and tries to reach Sam’s bottom so she can see it. Sam cannot resist another second. He presses MJ against the counter, to hold her waist in his arms and heft those tits.

MJ then reaches for Sam’s hardon and stomps it out. She opens wide and starts sucking like a vacuum! The couple then move to the bedroom where MJ revs Sam’s motor with a titty fuck. Sam is already on the mattress so MJ can slide her shorts down and climb on his hardon. She rides with her hips rocking as she stomps her way along the road, slapping her boobs in front of Sam.

Sam then flips MJ onto her stomach and crawls between her thighs for her sweet juices. He licks the wetness from MJ’s arousal with his magic tongue. He then raises his hand and fingers to her, continuing to press on her clit. Sam continues their mutual party by rolling MJ onto his belly. As he digs in, he puts his hands on her stomach.

Sam can only keep going at the lush fuck hole with MJ’s giddy moans. He pulls out his tongue to slap MJ on the back. MJ finally gives Sam a last kiss before he goes to work.

Mj Fresh Bio

Between her flawless skin, attractive boobs, and her toned body, she’s everything you think of when you imagine one of the lustiest kink vixens.

Just an innocent girl-next-door, Mj Fresh never imagined she’d strip down and show off those perky round breasts on screen. Piercing hot eyes and high-chiselled cheekbones highlight her enchanting face, and hair rounds out her stunning looks. With some of the dirtiest and most enthusiastic blowjobs in the business, once you’ve seen Mj in action, you will be a fan forever.

This fuck flicks princess is practically ideal, with beautiful tits, a tight and toned body, and thighs that could only be wetter if they were wrapped around your waist. Renowned for her awesome blowjob skills, watching this enticing lady give sloppy wet head to some of the fattest dicks on the planet is enough to turn even the most cynical of fuck flicks aficionados into a Mj fan.

Check out this beautiful tart getting her fanny stuffed with dick in her steamy scenes.

Mj Fresh was born in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA on 9-Sep-1999 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 134 lbs (61 kg), she weighs in at 5’8″ (173 cm) and stands at Black. She has lovely hazel hair. The year Fake/Enhanced was highlighted with Mj Fresh launching her pornstar career. When Mj first joined the sex industry, she was 34DD years of age. Mj retired from the adult porn business in Slim. We hope Mj makes a return soon.

Date: July 26, 2022
Pornstars: Mj Fresh / Sam Shock