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Crystal Swift – Crazy Huge Boobs

She pulls on her clothes and on her boobs apart. Her naturals have tan lines that are beautiful since they are cupped by her into her palms. Crystal is prepared to concede to his fire If Max happens over hefting his burden.

Because he wets down her tits handing off a jar of oil Crystal waits with baited breath. He guides her into the mattress so he could bury his head between these fun bags. After she on her rear, Max proceeds to squeeze, suck and softly nibble on her hard and knockers nipples. He then works his way lower, relieving Crystal of her thong so he can settle in for a bald vag fingering and feast.

So that she can climb over him with her breasts dangling down to touch with the 30,, taking over the charge of his or her lovemaking, Crystal recommends Max. While she leans forward to begin sucking she slowly strokes Max ‘s stiffie. Max may ‘t keep his hands Crystal’s boobies because she sucks on off him, nor will he contain his enthusiasm when she pushes on her tatas to make a valley to get the titty fuck.

It simple for Crystal to swing a leg on his shoulders so he can be mounted by her Because Max is on his rear. Leaning back to get a more shallow angle of penetration, so she begins rocking her buttocks their pleasure for both. Reaching Max can rub against Crystal’s clit while she fucks him over along with her fun bags extending and jiggling on every downstroke.

Obtaining on knees and her hands, Crystal waves her butt which Max can’t resist. Anchoring his hands he sinks in her twat that is and begins thrusting. Crystal’s yells till her entire body alights in pleasure fill the space as she bends her back and pumps her hips back to fulfill him stroke for stroke.

Boneless Crystal, with bliss spreads her thighs wide Max will keep fucking her and drops upon her back. His strokes bring her leaving her sated because he pulls . Reaching Crystal strokes the hardon of Max till she is covered by him into a bit of cum which provides her the satisfaction of the day of lovemaking.

Crystal Swift Profile

Crystal Swift is in her zone when she is staring down a dick as fat as your wrist. With her sexy and beautiful features, it’s not tough to see why she’s made such a name for herself in the fucking world. She’s the greatest teen slut, with sweet and innocent girl-next-door looks that disguise her down-and-dirty penchant for sucking and banging the biggest baddest dicks she can get her hands on.

She is an extreme pornstar who gets herself tied up in all sorts of insane positions as she spreads her shapely legs to display her ideal cunt from every angle. She loves burrowing her face into a sweet pink snatch while getting pounded from behind, and is turned on by seeing how much she is turning on those around her.

We love to watch this juicy and juicy powerhouse work.

Crystal Swift was born in Czech Republic on September 16, 1988 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 34FF-27-38, she weighs in at 123 lbs and stands at 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm). Her body is spectacular with amazing perky ripe tits. She has bright eyes and silky blond/dark blond hair.

Crystal Swift made her entry in the porn world in 2011. When Crystal initially broke into the porn scene, she was 23 years old. Over 9 years, and 58 porn sex scenes later, Crystal Swift is still eager to ride some more dick, and eat some more twat.

Max Dior Profile

From her silky hair to her beautiful booty, and all the way down to the tips of her succulent toes, Max Dior is a gorgeous hottie with the kind of figure that guys dream about. This babe’s slutty body is lean and petite, and perfect for getting split in half by rock-hard dicks. Few girls can take as much dick at once as Max and we love watching her greedily try to stuff as much cock as she can into her hungry holes.

Max Dior’s is all heart, and that kindhearted spirit is matched only by her kinky appetite for dick. Max likes nothing better than being stuffed full of cock and is waiting eagerly for more performances with dudes who can fill her up.

She will take a facial with a smile, of course, but if you really want to make this busty seducer happy, you have got to cum in her tight little snatch.

Max Dior was born in Latvia on August 30, 1997 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 34AA-25-36, she weighs in at 115 lbs and stands at 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm). Her body is spectacular with amazing perky round tits. She has sexy eyes and thick blond hair.

Max Dior made her entry in the porn world in 2016. When Max first broke into the sex industry, she was 19 years of age. Over 4 years, and 26 porn scenes later, Max Dior is still wanting to fuck some more dick, and eat some more twat.

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