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Cherry Kiss – Her Desire

Cherry Kiss, the luscious babe, wakes up beside Renato. She smiles as she recalls the night of passion that they shared. She climbs out of bed to cover her legs and then slips on a robe. Cherry stays away for Renato long enough to make him a cup of coffee. She then returns to her bedroom to change into a robe over her panties and takes her boyfriend’s hand to stroke his face as she leans in to begin sucking his morning wood.

This is the most unexpected wakeup a man can ask for. Renato could be content to let Cherry, his brown-eyed girl, do the blowjob, but he longs for something more intimate, so he asks Cherry to stop rolling Cherry on her back and Renato kisses her neck and face. His mouth is busy while his hand moves south to slip underneath her thong.

Renato finds her warm and inviting and works his way down her body, removing her underwear to allow him to swat at her clit. Renato then places his stifle between Cherry’s knees and pushes in hard. Cherry begins by rubbing her clit. However, as Renato’s strokes get deeper and more rapid, she lifts her angles behind the head and continues on with the ride.

This deep penetration sparks the first of many climaxes she hopes to see. Cherry then lies down on Renato’s bed and pulls Renato up on top of her for a stiffie ride. The wildcat is bouncing from a seated position to lean against Rentao’s chest while she rests. She continues her wild ride and bumps and grinds for their mutual pleasure.

Cherry then gets up on her knees and puts her head on Rentao’s chest, and the couple take things to a lower level when Cherry leans forward so that her face touches the sheets. Renato follows Cherry behind to bury his face into her ass. He uses his skilled tongue to touch her anus and probe her cream-filled fuckhole.

Cherry is unable to contain her screams of pure sensual delight when Renato enters Cherry from behind. Renato has made sure that Renato’s lady love is happy and stimulated. He lets go and pushes Cherry’s breasts into his hot sheath, glutting her with a creampie filled love that makes her feel peacefully content.

Cherry Kiss Bio

Silly, playful, and a whole lot of gorgeous fun, this big booty seducer makes quite the first impact which is the reason she is one of the lustiest rope bondage stars.

Cherry Kiss is in her element when she is staring down a dick as fat as your wrist. Cherry started feeling cravings for hard cocks and wet pussies, and decided to finally take the porno dive to satisfy her hungry pussy. Whether she’s sucking a cock like it is made out of candy or riding one like it is the very last cock on Earth, she brings an intensity to every scene that has made her the industry heavyweight that she is today.

Cherry loves being naughty and being spanked, and likes a big, strong dude that can take charge and tell her what to do. Not only does Cherry take the biggest cocks in her snatch like a champion slut, she has got a taste for cock, and gives nasty blowjobs that leave every inch of the cock wild and sloppy.

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Cherry Kiss was born in Serbia on 31-Dec-1992 which makes her a Capricorn. Her measurements are 121 lbs (55 kg), she weighs in at 5’8″ (173 cm) and stands at Blond. She has thick brown hair. The year Real/Natural was made better with Cherry Kiss launching her pornstar debut. This hot hottie was 34B years old when she started screwing for us to view. Cherry retired from the porn business in Slim. We hope Cherry makes a comeback soon.

Date: February 24, 2022
Pornstars: Cherry Kiss / Renato