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Scarlett Mae – Get In The Game

Scarlett Mae and Jake are having a relaxing afternoon playing video games together. But Scarlett is getting more horny by the minute. She eventually tries to get Jake into a good mood. Scarlett is determined to get Jake to ignore her at first. To get Jake’s attention, she moves in his direction and begins to strip.

Jake resists for a time, but he’s only human and can only handle so much. Jake eventually gives in to Scarlett and lets him have a look at her amazing body. Scarlett is watching and Scarlett is following him around. Scarlett is a part of the action, leaning forward to help Jake get his face between her boobs.

She then kisses Jake down the middle, wrapping her lips around his dick. As she strokes his shaft, she suckles him deeply. She then sucks Jake’s thighs while keeping her handie high. With all that enthusiastic blowjob delivery, it’s a hard choice for Jake to urge her to disengage so they can move on to other, equally fulfilling activities.

Eventually Jake gets Scarlett on her back on the couch with her legs held high in the air. He opens Scarlett’s eyes and probes her tight sheath using his fingers. Then he tastes her juices with the tip of his tongue. Jake finds Scarlett’s musky, wetness charming and he dives in as he eats her greedy twats while finger banging her.

Jake seizes the opportunity to grab Scarlett’s back as he gets up on his feet. He slips into her slit and fills her with the hot, intimate feeling he has been longing for. Scarlett’s position allows him to enjoy deep thrusts and a lot of intimacy as they lock eye in the heat. Scarlett is in the mood to heat things up so she asks Jake to sit on the couch with her and then climbs onto the top.

Scarlett rides Scarlett at an incredible pace, with her hands on the wall to balance. This is just what Scarlett needs to get her excited, and she’s still giddy with satisfaction. He places Scarlett on her side, so that he can spoon behind them. Scarlett adjusts the angle of penetration so that Scarlett can reach all the right spots.

She’s soon on her knees and Jake sets the pace to get them both to the finish. Scarlett’s ecstatic cries fill the air, as Jake makes a few more thrusts before pulling out to finish on her back. They are satisfied and bask in the glow of a new type of fun game.

Scarlett Mae Bio

This kinky starlet has plush curves and creamy skin, and you do not want to miss watching her butt jiggle as she rides a fat cock to get higher on the raciest bondage skanks.

Watching Scarlett Mae bang is a little slice of heaven for the pornstar loving dudes of the world. She is the full package: brains, elegance, and a whole lot of fucking experience. With perky boobs and a beautiful bouncing butt, Scarlett has built up quite the resume over a career that’s as long as the cocks she sucks.

Along with her easy-going mindset towards sex, her good looks and slutty attitude make her a healthy porn star. Most babes end up in porn for the money, but not Scarlett Mae; she started filming porn for one reason, and one reason only: she just loves to suck cock.

With no end in sight, this sultry porn star is not going to be vanishing any time soon.

Scarlett Mae was born in Franklin, OH, USA on 9-Aug-1996 which makes her a Leo. Her measurements are 145 lbs (66 kg), she weighs in at 5’10” (178 cm) and stands at Black. She has silky brown hair. The year Real/Natural was made better with Scarlett Mae starting up her pornstar debut. When Scarlett Mae turned B, she decided to make her first appearance in the porn world. Scarlett retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Scarlett makes a revival soon.

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