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Eliza Ibarra and Jessie Saint – We Want More

Jessie Saint is a high school sweetheart and Eliza Ibarra is a high school sweetheart. They have been exploring new ways to spice things up in their relationship. The girls consider bringing a dick to their relationship as they have morning make-outs. They still enjoy exploring each others bodies with their soft hands.

Jessie and Eliza take turns tasting each other’s breasts. Eliza eventually settles down with Jessie between her legs. Jessie gives her brunette boyfriend’s pussy a gentle stroking. But Eliza isn’t going to let Jessie have all of the fun. As they lie side-by-side in bed, the girls masturbating and smiling at each other, Eliza and Jessie decide to invite their techie friend Seth Gamble over, under the pretense that Seth will fix their computer.

Seth settles on the couch and focuses his attention on the computer. Seth is unaware that the girls are following him, until they grab him. Seth is married to Eliza, which he attempts to conceal, but Jessire and Eliza are not moved. They have decided that they want Seth’s cock, and they will get it.

Jessie gets a taste of Seth’s lips. They swap places, and Eliza pulls up her shirt so that Seth can take her nipples. After satisfying their curiosity about what it is like to seduce a man, the girls switch spots and Eliza pulls her shirt up so Seth can suck her nipples. As Jessie climbs up on Seth’s head, she bounces delicately on his fuckstick.

Seth quickly forgets that he is married after eating out and fucking one lesbian. Jessie and Eliza swap places so that Jessie can feel the D, while Eliza experiences what it’s like to have a man’s head in her pussy. Eliza is ready to take all Seth has to offer, muffled in her lover’s twat. Jessie leans forward, attempting to kiss Eliza’s clit while she is being fucked.

Jessie then follows Eliza around, putting her face below Seth’s, and Jessie follows her. Jessie is now on her knees before Seth who is quick to tap it. As Eliza suckers his balls, he delivers a doggy-style pussy pounding. Jessie leans in to get a pseudo-69 because her face is above Eliza’s. Seth pulls out, cums hard and covers Jessie’s genitals in cum.

The girls are now curious about Seth’s jizz. Eliza takes the salty treat off Jessie’s lap and then leans in to snowball it.

Eliza Ibarra Bio

Once she got a taste of the big time, this sexy babe had to have more, and jumped into the adult business with legs spread and landing on this raunchiest dominant sweetie.

Looking at Eliza Ibarra, you would swear she was a pin-up gal come to life. With her alluring and dazzling features, it’s not tough to see why she’s made such a name for herself in the adult world. She says the best screwing is the kind where she can barely walk straight the day after, because just fantasizing about what has happened makes her sopping wild.

This fuckslut is not afraid to get wet and sloppy while giving blowjobs, choking up on the shaft with both hands and sucking hard on the crown. When Eliza gives head, she likes it to be sloppy, wet, and wild, and when she fucks, she wants it every bit as extreme.

Find out why Eliza is such a fan favorite by checking out one of her performances today.

Eliza Ibarra was born in Riverside, CA USA on 22-Mar-1997 which makes her an Aries. Her measurements are 110 lbs (50 kg), she weighs in at 5’9″ (175 cm) and stands at Black. She has lovely brown hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Eliza Ibarra launching her pornstar debut. When Eliza Ibarra became 34B, she decided to make her first appearance in the porn world. Eliza retired from the adult porn business in Average. We hope Eliza makes a revival soon.

Jessie Saint Bio

Once she got a taste of the big time, this pretty fox had to have more, and jumped into the adult industry with legs spread and ending up on this most provocative dominant dollls.

There’s no other starlet out there today like Jessie Saint. This slut looks sweet and angelic, but she knows her way around a nice fat cock. With some of the dirtiest and most passionate blowjobs in the business, once you’ve seen Jessie in action, you will be a fan always.

This hot and gorgeous hottie has kept the industry hanging on her every move since her pornstar debut. Her big doe eyes, sweet smile, and lovely, wavy hair give her an innocent look that only makes it all the wetter when you see how this busty bad girl handles a big dick.

So if you like your women pretty, and just about as freaky as they come, look no further than the one and only Jessie Saint.

Jessie Saint was born in Las Vegas, NV, USA on 7-Mar-2000 which makes her a Pisces. Her measurements are 151 lbs (69 kg), she weighs in at 5’4″ (163 cm) and stands at Blond. She has lovely green hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Jessie Saint beginning her pornstar career. When Jessie first broke into the adult industry, she was 33A years old. Jessie retired from the adult porn business in Slim. We hope Jessie makes a revival soon.

Date: November 29, 2022