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Angel Youngs – Take It From Here

Angel Young has some surprises planned for her husband on Angel’s anniversary. Angel is dressed in sheer lingerie, which really shows off her amazing body, from her tits and her belly. She then lays down to take some naughty selfies. Angel sends her photos and texts to her husband begging him to return home.

Angel’s husband bursts Angel’s bubble by telling Angel he must work. Angel is disappointed, but she is open to the idea of taking care her own needs. She begins to work herself towards a climax by slipping her hand between her legs, masturbating her tender clit. Angel is distracted by her phone, and her husband walks away from the desk.

Damon Dice, Angel’s ex-boyfriend, should take her phone and look at the naughty photos. Angel might not know it but she is igniting an old flame. Damon Dice, Angel’s ex boyfriend, decides to pick it up and go to Angel’s house to take care of her. Angel is not surprised to meet Damon. However, she does not resist his passionate kisses and captures her lips.

Damon reveals his top as they move to the bedroom. He fills his hands with Angel’s amazing breasts, kneading and sucking her nipples while he re-acquaints himself to her beautiful body. She lies Damon on her marital bed, and she opens her mouth to begin lapping at his tip. Her blowjob heats up until she can no longer hold Damon’s hardon.

Damon also wants to taste Angel’s hardon, so Angel climbs up on top of Damon and leans forward to make a lusty 69. Angel then slides her thong over her shoulder and moves her hips forward in order to get her hands on his hardon. As she rocked her hips, she twirls her head in delight. Damon rubs Angel’s clit as she turns around to go cowgirl riding.

Angel is laid down and Damon slowly lifts Angel’s thigh before he slides home. As he gives it to Angel in the way that he likes, their coupling feels familiar. Damon uses Angel’s moans to guide his movements. He then urges Angel up onto his hands and knees. Damon doesn’t want to forget Doggy, Angel’s favorite pet.

As he fists Angel, he dives in deep and holds on to Angel’s hips. After Angel has had enough, Damon gets out and lets himself sex all over Angel’s sex. Their last kiss is the final sign of their hotblooded affair.

Angel Youngs Bio

Angel Youngs is one of the filthiest slave skanks because her tits are firm, and have some of the sexiest little pink nipples out there, and her round gorgeous butt is practically a work of art.

Looking at Angel Youngs, you would swear she was a pin-up tramp come to life. With smooth, soft skin, bewitching eyes, and an stunning set of breasts, she’s the kind of woman that most men would love to keep all to themselves. Angel defies all expectations with her penchant for the hard core, hard and tumble fucking, preferring high powered penetration over the touchy feely.

Her plump lips are seductive and alluring, and watching her suck on a fat cock is like watching a true artist at work. Her long slender legs are one of the hottest pairs in the industry, and seeing them wrapped in a sensuous pair of stockings will surely turn you into a lifelong fan.

From her banging physique and tight waist to her top notch breasts, you will be hard pressed to find a sticky sweet slice of pie as attractive as Angel Youngs.

Angel Youngs was born in Austin, TX on 15-Jan-2002 which makes her a Capricorn. Her measurements are 127 lbs (58 kg), she weighs in at 5’6″ (168 cm) and stands at Dark Blond. She has lovely brown hair. Angel Youngs made her entry in the porn world in Real/Natural. When Angel first entered the adult industry, she was 34E years of age. Angel retired from the porn business in Average. We hope Angel makes a return soon.

Date: March 10, 2022
Pornstars: Angel Youngs / Damon Dice