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Maddy Oreilly – StickySweet

Maddy O’Reilly, dressed in black lingerie, and Natalia Star share a long kiss with their man Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni watches as his women flirt and tease one another above him. He slowly removes the matching lingerie until they both are nude. Giovanni then switches places with Maddy. He places himself so Maddy can kiss her erection while she lies down on the bed.

Natalia can also join the fun by leaning forward from the top. They spend their time admiring their man’s hard-cock, sucking, and licking. Soon, they reposition themselves so that all three can share the joy. Maddy lies on her back, her face in Natalia’s soft juicy pussy and Giovanni’s dick deep within Maddy’s tight sheath.

Maddy is getting closer to her climax. Natalia falls to her knees beside Maddy to play with Maddy’s hard nipples. Giovanni follows his lead, sliding down his stomach and using his tongue eagerly to lap at Maddy’s nub. This sends Maddy over the edge. Natalia then climbs up to her knees and presents her beautiful sex to Giovanni.

He accepts her invitation and sinks into her soft warmth, stroking with long, sure strokes. Maddy is keen to share in the pleasure of her lover as she recovers. Natalia is able to touch her tender clitoris and she will soon be able to kiss her big breasts. Natalia soon starts to gasp and moan from her excitement.

The trio take a moment to take a deep breath and reposition before things heat up again. Maddy starts at Natalia’s feet and works her way up the friend’s body. Maddy begins to kiss Natalia’s sensitive feet. Giovanni soon takes advantage of Maddy’s open position and anchors his hips so that Natalia can slide into his warm wet channel.

Giovanni is eager to help Natalia cum once more, so he lies down on the bed so that Natalia can slide down onto him. Maddy is there for both her lovers, helping Natalia and Giovanni feel amazing, by licking Giovanni’s balls and massaging Natalia’s hanging tits while Natalia climaxes once again. The girls were satisfied and focused their entire attention on their man cum.

They assist Giovanni on his knees, and then take turns pumping his pulsing urine until he’s ecstatic. Maddy assists Giovanni to reach his climax by flicking her wrist and stroking Natalia’s bosom. Maddy is not one to let a tasty treat go to waste. She leans forward to take Giovanni’s essence from her friend.

After she’s finished with her sticky treat, Maddy and Giovanni exchange long kisses as they share their man’s flavors.

Maddy Oreilly Bio

She instantly ranks as one of the finest humiliation foxes, especially whenever she smiles demurely up at us while fondling her large, round perky breasts.

Maddy Oreilly is a hot fox who is known far and wide for her awesome screwing skills. With her sexy and stunning features, it’s not hard to see why she’s made such a name for herself in the adult world. With a awesome round booty, big, fake breasts, and greatest caramel skin, she’s an awesome and enticing slice of heaven that is just waiting for you to feast your eyes.

Combine her amazing body with her stunning locks, nice fat dick-sucking lips, and healthy talent for working hard cocks, and you’ve got yourself the ideal pornstar. Maddy Oreilly keeps her body in fantastically fuckable shape by putting in time at the gym every day, and she has got the toned stomach, shapely thighs, and smooth skin to prove it.

With her model-awesome face and extremely spankable round ass, Maddy has no shortage of guys who want to indulge her every whim.

Maddy Oreilly was born in Mayberry, NC, USA on 3-May-1990 which makes her a Taurus. Her measurements are 127 lbs (58 kg), she weighs in at 5’7″ (170 cm) and stands at Black. She has pretty brown hair. Real/Natural was the year that Maddy Oreilly debuted on the porn scene. When Maddy Oreilly turned 34B, she decided to make her debut in the adult porn world. Maddy retired from the adult porn business in Average. We hope Maddy makes a revival soon.

Date: March 28, 2022