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Jenny Wild and Mona Blue – Sharing My Girlfriend

Stanley Johnson surprises Jenny Wild with a surprise. He instructs Jenny to get into a robe before he goes to bed. Jenny is blindfolded and waits for Stanley’s return. She lets her hands reach her puffy, hard nipples, and then her bare twat. Mona, dressed in sweet lingerie and ready to participate, is lovely.

Both of them settle down on the bed with Stanley kissing Jenny while Mona lies between Jenny’s legs. After a long, sexy pussy licking Mona climbs up Jenny’s back to take off Jenny’s blindfold. Jenny can now participate in the show by placing her hand on Stanley’s hard cock. They push Stanley to the ground and take his pants off.

They then move in between Stanley’s thighs and explore his junk. Mona and Jenny engage in a lot of sex, including fondling, suking, and stroking Stanley. Mona’s bra and thong are lost as she works Stanley’s cock. She is left as naked as the rest. Jenny climbs up Stanley’s body, Mona supporting her and making every movement more sensual.

Jenny then takes Stanley’s first hardon ride. Slowly, she sinks down and enjoys the sensation of Stanley filling her with his big male. Jenny leans forward, so she’s balanced against the headboard. Mona then moves to suckle Stanley’s balls. Mona eventually arranges herself on Mona’s headboard. This leaves Jenny’s pussy at the perfect height to lick.

Stanley follows Jenny down when she turns around on Stanley. She lifts one thigh and allows Stanley to spoon her from behind. Mona, lying beside them, tickles their nipples as she fondles Jenny’s clit. Jenny finally gets the thing. She puts her tongue and fingers back to work, leaving Mona moaning. Mona then gets on her knees with Stanley behind.

Mona lays down on Jenny’s back, and Jenny spreads her legs for Mona to enjoy her creamy twat. Mona is enjoying her time in the middle to its fullest. She gives and takes pleasure in every moment. The girls then disengage to perform another tandem blowjob to Stanley, before switching positions. Jenny rides along with Stanley in his bed on her back.

She goes in reverse cowgirl and enjoys the different places Stanley’s dick hits as she rocked atop him. Mona’s grip on Jenny’s neck is very titillating. Mona can choose to move to the next position. She wants to get Stanley’s dick inside her while she’s on top of him. Mona pulls Jenny onto her face when Stanley is completely buried.

Mona soon screams with joy as she holds Jenny’s pussy in her mouth and Stanley gives it to her. Jenny cannot help but savor her little joyous mewls. They double team him and lap and stroke from tip-to-balls. Stanley finally rewards them for their efforts by giving them a nice shot jizz. As their last act of lovemaking, Stanley gives the girls a cummy kiss.

Jenny Wild Bio

With a round and firm booty, alluring nipples, and an insatiable cravings for cum, this stunning seducer is one of the raciest hogtied tramps.

Spunky fox Jenny Wild says she uses shooting porn as an outlet for her perverted sexuality. One of the most popular stars in the porn industry, Jenny’s unique look, amazing breasts, and absolutely fearless scenes have set this sex starved young lady apart from the pack. She’s got a passion for pleasing people with her sexy tongue, and considers herself an expert at eating pussy and sucking cock.

With her tight body, succulent tits, and vice grip for a pussy, Jenny is an amazing gem so gloriously hot, you will be daydreaming about her night after night after night. As much as she loves screwing guys, take one look at her burying her face in a ass and shoving her tongue deep into her twat-hole, and you will see the full extent of her bisexuality.

So whether she is getting her pussy licked by another awesome fox, banging the fattest dicks she can find, or just sitting around masturbating all day, Jenny Wild is a horny hottie like no other.

Jenny Wild was born in Czech Republic on 14-Feb-2000 which makes her an Aquarius. Her measurements are 125 lbs (57 kg), she weighs in at 5’6″ (167 cm) and stands at Blond. She has silky grey hair. Real/Natural was the year that Jenny Wild debuted on the porn scene. This sexy hottie was 32AA years old when she started out banging for us to observe. Jenny retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Jenny makes a revival soon.

Mona Blue Bio

Mona Blue is one of the filthiest fetish stars who is definitely cock obsessed, and simply loves to fuck.

The first thing you observe about Mona Blue are the knocking curves of her physique. Mona started feeling cravings for hard cocks and wild pussies, and decided to finally take the porno plunge to gratify her hungry snatch. The way her tits bounce while she’s getting her snatch screwed by a thick cock will leave your jaw on the floor and your pants tight.

It is no wonder this hottie is in such high demand; she is without question one of the most striking girls in fuck flicks today, with a face made for Hollywood and a body built for banging. Mona likes nothing better than being stuffed full of cock and is waiting eagerly for more performances with dudes who can fill her up.

Give this playful, mischievous slut a chance, and let her seduce you with her natural charmer and insatiable sexual appetite.

Mona Blue was born in Hungary on 25-Mar-1998 which makes her an Aries. Her measurements are 103 lbs (47 kg), she weighs in at 5’3″ (161 cm) and stands at Brown/Blond/Auburn. She has lovely blue hair. Real/Natural was the year that Mona Blue debuted on the porn scene. When Mona first broke into the porn scene, she was 32B years of age. Mona retired from the porn business in Slim. We hope Mona makes a comeback soon.

Date: February 5, 2023