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Lena Paul – Morning View

Kyle Mason enjoys a leisurely read in the newspaper, while Lena Paul, his fiancee, makes coffee in her kitchen. Although they have been together for a while, the spark of their love never dies. His interest in Lena is evident from the moment he first sees her slim and busty figure. Kyle gets sparked to action when Lena leans forward to show her tight legs in her skirted skirt.

He holds his hand to Lena’s chest and unbuttons her cardigan. Then he cuddles her breasts to appreciate their weight. He gently strokes Lena’s nipples, paying close attention to her. Kyle then lets his hips grind into Lena’s stomach so she can see the evidence of his love. Lena, as eager as Kyle, slips her hands behind Lena to caress her fiancé’s hard-dick.

Then she turns around and falls to her knees before him. Lena takes off his pants and Kyle’s hardon is free. After removing Lena from his pants, it is easy for Kyle to wrap her lips around her stiffie and begin sucking. As the hair on his mound tickles his nose, he plays with his tongue to smear her clit.

Lena’s excitement grows louder and more intense as Kyle plays his tongue over her clit. Lena raises her leg in the air and balances on her other, while Kyle assists her to stay steady as she slides back in. Lena continues to hold the position for as long as possible before Lena leans forward. Kyle helps her stay steady as he slides back inside.

She squeals with every stroke and lets out a loud sigh of relief. Kyle soon has her back, and she is full of pleasure. Lena lays her on her back and props her jugs high to make a landing mat for her buxom titty fuck. Lena smiles and he explodes on her buxom chest, leaving her satisfied and covered in cum.

Lena Paul Bio

This playful cock rider has the saucy body, stunning face, and insatiable sex drive it takes to be considered one of the most sizzling sub honeys.

Lena Paul has been turning heads since long before she had ever decided to become a fuck flicks star. She loves to blow and fuck hard dicks, and has become a master of taking dick. From her alluring tits to her gymnast-like figure, everything about Lena Paul will drive you wild, and you won’t believe your eyes when she strips down naked.

Deep down inside, she’s a dick-hungry sex-kitty who won’t stop until gets off many times per scene. She loves to fuck a man silly with her boobs, pussy, mouth, and ass, and enjoys every second on set.

Thankfully she figured out that fuckflicks was the career for her, and as you can see by her amazing work so far, she has got a bright future ahead of her.

Lena Paul was born in DeLand, Florida on 12-Oct-1993 which makes her a Libra. Her measurements are 127 lbs (58 kg), she weighs in at 5’4″ (162 cm) and stands at Brown. She has thick blue hair. The year Real/Natural was highlighted with Lena Paul beginning her pornstar career. When Lena initially came into the porn scene, she was 32F years old. Lena retired from the porn business in Average. We hope Lena makes a revival soon.

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