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Mom Plays A Prank

They have been having a secret rendezvous with their step-siblings, Alex Coal and Codey steele.When Alex’s mother, Artemesia, brings home take-out, they get it on.They think they have kept the secret but Artemesia Love was able to hear them.She plays a joke on the stepsibs and says that they are actually cousins.

Alex and Codey are horrified and wait for Aretmesia to leave before they agree to never get it on again.Codey is willing to do it one more time.But Alex begins rubbing his morning wood against her a**.Both have flashbacks to all of the times that they had gotten close, so Alex convinces Codey to spoon with her one last time.

She screams with delight on her knees as Codey removes her pants and sticks them in.Alex won’t be content with one position.She urges Codey to the bed, so that she can glide down and take a ride on her fuckstick.She bounces on her toy, uttering loud and long moans as she enjoys it.

Alex loves this position because Codey can rub her clit and knead the tits to ensure she is cumsing.Once she’s recovered from the orgasmic rush, Alex rolls on her back to allow Codey to have a good dive.Codey has been with his step-sis so many times that he knows exactly what she needs.

Codey gives her cream pie as she cums him.Alex is shocked that Codey has entered her and Artemesia enters because of the sound.She admits that they were related and then asks what’s going on while they are still step-siblings.

Alex Coal Bio

She quickly ranks as one of the finest kinky vixens, especially when she smiles demurely up at us while fondling her large, round firm boobs.

Alluring, smart, and always ready to blow, Alex Coal is one of the most exclusive sluts in the adult industry. She loves to blow and fuck hard dicks, and has become a master of taking cock. Her list of turn-ons is long and varied, and includes black guys, hand jobs, fit girls, tit banging, rim jobs, and more.

With her tight body, succulent tits, and vice grip for a twat, Alex is an amazing gem so gloriously juicy, you will be daydreaming about her night after night after night. When Alex gives head, she likes it to be sloppy, wild, and crazy, and when she fucks, she wants it every bit as extreme.

Alex Coal is not just one of the hottest busty babes in the industry right now, she is also living proof that some girls are just healthy born fuck flicks stars.

Alex Coal was born in Nevada, USA on 05-Jun-1991 which makes her a Gemini. Her measurements are 105 lbs (48 kg), she weighs in at 5’3″ (160 cm) and stands at Black/Brown. She has pretty blue hair. Alex Coal joined the porn world in Real/Natural. When Alex first broke into the sex industry, she was 34B years of age. Alex retired from the adult porn business in Average. We hope Alex makes a return soon.

Date: January 5, 2024
Pornstars: Alex Coal / Codey Steele