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Francys Belle – Let Yourself In

Francy’s Belle is waiting to meet Raul Costa. She is dressed in a bra that conceals nothing, a matching robe, and panties. She keeps herself warm and ready for any light touches. Raul is a natural at walking in and Francys knows how to make him feel comfortable. She is perfect for Raul to support her titties as she lays on her back.

Raul can feel her breasts pop out of the bra as she leans forward. Raul can even lean forward to suck her big, luscious nipples while Francys’s hand slips low to touch Francys’s. Francys is delighted by Raul’s overture. She leans back against the bed and spreads her legs to allow Raul in. He knows exactly what to do.

Raul slid Francys’s thong aside and dives into her creamy center. Francys’s oral delight is fully rewarded when she gets down on her knees to rake Raul’s hardon so that she can lean back and begin sucking. Francys is a master at sucking the tip and stroking the base. Raul loves Francys’s thong-free climb on Francys’s hardon.

He mounts her for a furious stiffie ride. Francys turns around and goes back to work, with some help from Raul who has slipped his hand underneath her booty to help her pace. Francys turns his back on Raul and gives him a deep kiss. Raul can slide his cock back in as the big spoon thanks to his position.

After a few thrusts, Francys is on her knees and can begin to do some dog-style pussy pounding. This position allows Raul to place his hands on Francys’s hips, allowing him to go deep and powerful as Francys rock back to every stroke. Francys flips onto her back and welcomes Raul between her legs. He makes such powerful thrusts at her that she almost spits out her moans.

Raul takes Francys’ heels off when he lifts her legs. Raul doesn’t stop there. Francys pulls him out, so that he can direct his cum shot over her belly. She is left covered in her lover’s delight.

Francys Belle Bio

Once she got a taste of the big time, this attractive babe had to have more, and jumped into the adult industry with legs spread and ending up on this filthiest bdsm stunners.

The first thing you notice about Francys Belle are the banging figure of her physique. Her body is smoking juicy, and her personality oozes sexuality and a love for fucking unmatched by other porn stars. She’s got perfect tan skin, a tight and toned stomach, long legs, and lips that are ideal for dick sucking.

While sucking dick is what gets her wettest, she also loves threesomes where she can get pounding doggy-style while burying her face deep in twat. Not only does Francys take the biggest cocks in her cunt like a champion slut, she has got a taste for dick, and gives nasty blowjobs that leave every inch of the dick wild and sloppy.

Check out her amazing performances to see what a real award-winning cunt looks like.

Francys Belle was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 25-Jul-1982 which makes her a Leo. Her measurements are 105 lbs (48 kg), she weighs in at 5’6″ (169 cm) and stands at Brown. She has lovely brown hair. Fake/Enhanced was the year that Francys Belle premiered on the porn scene. When Francys Belle turned 35C, she decided to make her first appearance in the adult porn world. Francys retired from the adult porn business in Slim. We hope Francys makes a revival soon.

Date: November 20, 2022