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Bambino – Just For You

Lush coed Ella Knox is erotic and hot because she plays her tits. He sees as she utilizes her bra. She lifts the cloth in order that they pop up at a buffet of delight that is hot. Crawling round the mattress, Ella provides Bambino the chance to appreciate two handfuls of hard nipples and skin as she’s into a kiss.

Leaning to suckle the bountiful breasts of Ella , Bambino works his way south. He awakens on his knees between her thighs and then pushes aside her thong for simple access. His stance makes it effortless slip in her heat and to lap at Ella strip twat. As he settles in to his peach feast, Bambino relieves Ella of her underwear so he can enjoy an unobstructed time.

Ella reaches to pull at his dick close along with Bambino. She opens her mouth wide to take at his cock’s suggestion sucks off him . Because she strokes her palms together the balls and shaft of Bambino the babe retains her blowjob up. She turns around and provides him at a invitation her pump buttocks.

Anchoring his palms Ella’s buttocks, Bambino sinks balls deep in her grab that is lush. As he slips in and out of her heat the space fills. Since a rhythm which gets her need of a orgasm is set by Bambino It’s not long until she’s rocking into each push.

Bambino pulls on Ella along with him. She slides rocking her hips at a ride’s moves. Leaning keep their movement up, she squeezes on her chest into the face of Bambino . Her tits keep flopping and jiggling along with her bum quivers with all the power of her ride If she turns out to give him another angle.

Rolling on her back, a leg is lifted by Ella into the shoulder of Bambino . This place has the benefit of allowing Bambino see the jiggling of the breasts of Ella while allowing her one final time satisfies . That his penis is placed between Ella ‘s breasts at which she’ll stroke him off till he explodes all over her face and bosom into a bunch of enjoy If he reaches the end of his endurance, he crawls.

Bambino Profile

Bambino is a attractive tramp with a ideal body and an endless desire for dick. Whether she’s going one-on-one with a fat prick, or getting dicked down by six hung dudes in a raunchy gang bang, Bambino brings the same ferocious sexual energy to every performance. This babe has some killer figure, and her preferred way to show them off is in a form-fitting miniskirt, riding high on her shapely legs.

Quite the cock-hardening slut, she will throat a thick cock one day, and lose herself in a soaking cunt the next. She loves burrowing her face into a sweet pink twat while getting screwed from behind, and is turned on by seeing how much she is turning on those around her.

Bambino brings erotic magic to her performances which has to be seen to be believed.

Bambino was born in Latvia on August 30, 1997 which makes her a Virgo. Her measurements are 34AA-25-36, she weighs in at 127 lbs and stands at 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm). Her body is spectacular with amazing perky ripe tits. She has lustful eyes and silky blond hair.

2016 was the year that Bambino debuted on the porn scene. This hot model was 19 years old when she began fucking for us to see. Over 4 years, and 26 porn scenes later, Bambino is still wanting to blow some more dick, and stroke some more snatch.

Ella Knox Profile

Hot, alluring, and perfectly perky in every way, Ella Knox is an fantastic addition to the adult trade. She has an awesome pink kitty that is perfect for wrapping around a nice fat dick, and an butt that bounces hypnotically every time she gets shagged. Her followers love her for her amazing breasts, her pouty cock-stroking lips, and her sensual, elegant seducer.

Ella may look like a shy girl-next-door, but shortly after getting into the biz this juicy fox was shooting explicit, foot fetish, and ass ripping scenes. Her warm, smooth honey skin and ideal round ass are thoroughly boner-inducing, and her succulent, round boobs are irresistibly soft and juicy.

If you love starlets who aren’t afraid to go deep on a fat cock then take a load off and give Ella Knox a whirl.

Ella Knox was born in Indio, CA, USA on May 12, 1993 which makes her a Taurus. Her measurements are 34DD-24-34, she weighs in at 112 lbs (51 kg) and stands at 5 feet, 2 inches (158 cm). Her body is average with real/natural 34DD beautiful tits. She has bright brown eyes and thick dark brown hair.

Ella Knox made her entry in the porn world in 2017. When Ella Knox turned 24, she resolved to make her first appearance in the porn world. Over 3 years, and 168 porn scenes later, Ella Knox is still ready to fuck some more cock, and lick some more pussy.

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