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Anastasia Brokelyn – Game On

Anastasia Brokelyn, Tiffany Tatum and Raul Costa have decided to put on an extravagant show. While the girls twist themselves into more sexy positions, he gets to be the spinner. Anastasia crawls over Tiffany and gives in to her sexual urge. She kisses Tiffany on the lips, making it clear that the game is over.

They eventually remember that Raul was there. They turn to face Raul and exchange matching, sexy smiles. Then they crawl onto the couch to meet him. As they share their treat, Tiffany and Anastasia smile happily as they eat Raul’s fuckstick. Anastasia is on her knees, Raul between her legs. Raul is sure to have a great time with Anastasia, who fingers bangs Anastasia while Tiffany delivers a BJ.

The fun only gets better when Anastasia flips around and rides his hardon in Raul’s arms. Tiffany ensures her girlfriend is comfortable and then she lies down on the couch, her legs spread wide, to allow Anastasia to eat her. Tiffany then gets to enjoy Raul’s D by getting on her knees. Tiffany is focused on Anastasia’s pleasure, even as her body is being loved.

She slips her fingers through Anastasia’s wet slit and then begins to lick Anastasia’s clit. Tiffany pulls Anastasia down onto her face, even after Tiffany flips on her back to Raul so he can adjust the angle of penetration. Raul sneers at Anastasia from the side, while Tiffany keeps eating her food.

Anastasia sighs in delight when Raul hands it to her in doggy. Tiffany is there to help Anastasia by presenting her with a trimmed twat so she can muffle her delight and apply herself to Tiffany’s pleasure. Anastasia is encouraged further by Tiffany, who brings her legs back to allow her to enjoy her lover’s girly feast.

She then moves to a kneeling posture and swings her way around so she can sit on Anastasia but not able to suck Raul’s pussy juices. Anastasia patiently waits for Raul, who is giddy with Tiffany’s cream pie. Anastasia sips the cream from Tiffany’s snatch as soon as Raul leaves and snowballs Raul with her girlfriend.

Anastasia Brokelyn Bio

She has a natural confidence and sexiness that comes through in every one of her fucks making her one of the slinkiest dominatrix strumpets.

Anastasia Brokelyn is a curvy babe with a serious exhibitionist streak. She delighted audiences with her erotic finesse, raw sensuality, and striking physique. With some of the sloppiest and most enthusiastic blowjobs in the business, once you’ve seen Anastasia in action, you will be a fan always.

She’s kinky and sexy, and knows just how to use her breasts and wet twat to seduce any man or woman she decides she wants in her bed. She loves to fuck a man silly with her tits, twat, mouth, and butt, and enjoys every second on set.

With her model-beautiful face and extremely spankable round ass, Anastasia has no shortage of guys who want to indulge her every whim.

Anastasia Brokelyn was born in Spain on 16-Mar-1995 which makes her a Pisces. Her measurements are 125 lbs (57 kg), she weighs in at 5’4″ (163 cm) and stands at Brown. She has lovely brown hair. Real/Natural was the year that Anastasia Brokelyn debuted on the porn scene. This sexy slut was 35B years old when she began banging for us to view. Anastasia retired from the porn business in Average. We hope Anastasia makes a return soon.

Date: June 28, 2022