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Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro

Codey Steele is very happy to have a new stepsister, Madi Collins.Codey Steele has been asked by Madi to buy some tampons for her.He runs out to the shop.He returns to find Madi trying on the bras that she recently bought in her living room.Madi assures Codey that he need not worry.

She tells him, almost in the same sentence, that she didn’t receive her preferred tampons.Codey, eager to please offers to return to the shop.She asks that he stay and give his honest opinion about the bras.Codey becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Madi as her bras become skimpier.The last bra is so sheer that it shows Madi’s nipples.

Madi throws herself on Codey’s chest, claiming that she is just comfortable around her stepbrother.Later, Madi, Codey, and their couch.Madi is sitting on Codeys lap and she starts asking questions.She asks him if he had a little chub after seeing Madis boobs.Madi has to be a bit coaxing Codey to make him open up, but eventually he admits to having a chub.

Madi lets Codey kiss her fetus if she wants.Codey, still shy, tries to refuse but Madi was not going to accept no.She lifts up her shirt, takes her stepbrother by the hand and places his palm over her tittly.She slides Codeys hand into her front thong a second later so that he can see how she’s wet.

Madi is able to tell that Codey has become very hard.Madi is in control as she kneels down and pushes her tits inside Codey’s lips so that he can suckle her to the point where her nipples become hard.After a quick shimmy, she climbs up on Codey’s lap to slide down his hardon and is fully impaled.

Madi rides Codey in reverse cowgirl as Codey slips his hands under her a**.Madi then gets down on her knees to allow Codey to enjoy the petite fetus from behind.Madi welcomes Codi one final time between her legs on her back.He slaps her till she moans in delight and then pulls a nut out of his pocket to cover her red muff.

Madi Collins Bio

Madi’s juicy physique and kinky personality easily led to her rise as one of the filthiest bondage stars.

The first thing you observe about Madi Collins are the knocking curves of her figure. From her subtle soft skin to her big doe eyes, she has the look of the girl next door you always wished you could bang. From shooting lesbian scenes, to sharing dicks with fellow alluring porn stars – Madi Collins does it all, and does it like a champ.

Madi Collins is smoldering hot, with alluring eyes that invite you to take your cock out, and imagine her plump ruby lips wrapped around it perfectly. From her pretty smile down to her unique heart shaped cunt, everything about this bisexual seducer is inviting, alluring, and oh so stimulating.

Check out this hot porn work to see the fun and mischief she brings to all her pussy-pounding fuck scenes.

Madi Collins was born in USA on 7-May-1998 which makes her a Taurus. Her measurements are 94 lbs (43 kg), she weighs in at 4’10” (147 cm) and stands at Blond/Red. She has lovely green hair. Real/Natural was the year that Madi Collins debuted on the porn scene. When Madi first joined the sex industry, she was 34A years of age. Madi retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Madi makes a revival soon.