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Alyssa Bounty – Come Get It

Sam Bourne is reading the newspaper while his lover Alyssa Bounty looks on, greedily, as she pretends to be making breakfast. Sam doesn’t notice that she brought the meal over to him. Sam doesn’t notice when Alyssa starts striking increasingly sensual poses and rubs her twat at the table. He is so focused on his reading that he doesn’t blink an eye.

Alyssa then escalates the situation by taking off her robe. Sam finally notices that her clothes are puddled at her feet. She runs her hands across her beautiful body to get his attention. Alyssa pretends now that Sam doesn’t matter if he follows her, and she moves to the couch. Sam finally joins Alyssa.

He apologizes beautifully and settles between her legs, then dips his head into her puss to make amends. He raises his hand and tries to bang her while licking her clit. Alyssa finally sits up, and ensures that Sam is as good as they’ve been giving him. She pulls out her fuckstick to start sucking Sam off.

Alyssa’s deep-voiced BJ brings their passion to fever pitch. Sam sits down and Alyssa grabs his fuckstick to ride along. Alyssa lets go of her neediness and rocks her hips for that big D. Sam then piles it on top of her, making her squeal in delight. He raises her leg up in the air and she opens herself to his commands.

Sam uses his body language as an excuse for not taking care of Alyssa earlier and he takes her off. Alyssa then climbs back on Sam’s hardon, riding him in reverse cowgirl. Although she starts off in control of her own pace she eventually allows Sam to slip beneath her bottom so that she can lift her feet and let him handle the rest.

Alyssa bends over to allow Sam to reenter her pussy and gives her one final big O in doggie. Sam’s climax is wiped out by Alyssa’s pulsed pussy, leaving Alyssa to indulge in a big creampie of his hot affection.

Alyssa Bounty Bio

Her lovely smile and sweet, easy laugh are nearly enough to make you overlook that you’re looking at a performer, but one glance at that rocking physique of hers will remind you the reason the reason she is one of the finest dominant beavers.

If you get turned on seeing slender and delicate ladies get split in half by big dicks, then you will love Alyssa Bounty. Piercing sexy eyes and high-chiselled cheekbones highlight her enchanting face, and hair rounds out her vibrant looks. The way her breasts bounce while she’s getting her pussy pounded by a thick cock will leave your jaw on the floor and your pants tight.

Combine her amazing body with her stunning locks, nice fat cock-stroking lips, and natural talent for working hard cocks, and you’ve got yourself the greatest pornstar. Whether you offer her lesbian scenes, or the chance to get slammed by a generous dick, Alyssa is down for any kind of juicy extreme sex.

Definitely a girl to watch as she bangs and sucks her way through the fuck flicks biz.

Alyssa Bounty was born in Republic of Moldova on 30-Nov-1999 which makes her a Sagittarius. Her measurements are 101 lbs (46 kg), she weighs in at 5’2″ (157 cm) and stands at Black. She has silky brown hair. Alyssa Bounty came into the porn world in Real/Natural. When Alyssa initially came into the sex industry, she was 32B years old. Alyssa retired from the porn business in Slim. We hope Alyssa makes a revival soon.

Date: July 5, 2022