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Alexa Grace – Blonde Orgasm

Alexa Grace, a sex kitten, is delighted to be seduced by Van Wylde in the kitchen. He kisses her with full enthusiasm and she returns the favor. After a few squishes, he finally takes her hand and leads her to the island. Van slips her underwear down her legs and then he takes a deep breath to enjoy the sweet taste.

Alexa is just right for Van’s slow, long licks. But Van isn’t done yet with his seduction. Next, he takes off Alexa’s tank-top so that he can admire her tiny boobs while kissing her clit. She drops to her knees and pulls Van’s pants down so she can use her hands and mouth. Alexa takes Van by the hand and leads him to another part of the kitchen.

There, she can turn her back and place her leg on a chair. Van can slide into her creamy twat from this position. Once he’s in, Van doesn’t waste any time. He quickly rubs her thighs and pumps his hips to fill her snatch with a speed that will keep her moaning. Alexa is able to reach the perfect spot by turning in Van’s arms, lifting one leg, and then she turns around.

Van’s moans become louder as Van rubs against the g-spot. This friction brings Van closer to her inevitable joy explosion. However, she’s not ready to cum so she presses Van on her back on the counter and continues to sucking him off. Once she’s satisfied, she turns her back and rides Van’s stiffie on a reverse cowgirl ride.

She turns her head to face Van, riding him like a personal horse. He can see that Alexa is about to explode when she looks at Van. As she rides the wave, her entire body vibrates with joy. Van only places Alexa on her side for a few seconds after the aftershocks have subsided. He pulls out last minute and covers Alexa’s smooth, white mound with cum.

She then presses him back in her fuckhole for a few more moments of pleasure.

Alexa Grace Bio

She rates on the most stunning kinky sweetie because her glowing smirk is addictively charming and her booty is perfectly matched with her perfect boobs.

If ever you see Alexa Grace bite down on her lower lip, that’s your best giveaway clue that this sweet porn star is turned the fuck on. She has an amazing pink cunt that is greatest for wrapping around a nice fat dick, and an ass that bounces hypnotically every time she gets screwed. She’s got a desire for pleasing people with her sexy tongue, and considers herself an expert at eating pussy and stroking cock.

She’s earned herself an ever-expanding foundation of loyal fanatics, thanks to her hot body and high intensity bang scenes. Smiley and bubbly with a chirpy attitude and a positive outlook, Alexa Grace may seem like an innocent tramp in the woods, but she likes her sex hard enough.

Thankfully she figured out that porn was the career for her, and as you can see by her awesome work so far, she has got a bright future ahead of her.

Alexa Grace was born in Red Bank, NJ, USA on 4-Nov-1994 which makes her a Scorpio. Her measurements are 127 lbs (58 kg), she weighs in at 5’9″ (175 cm) and stands at Blond. She has thick green hair. Real/Natural was the year that Alexa Grace debuted on the porn scene. When Alexa Grace turned 32A, she resolved to make her debut in the adult porn world. Alexa retired from the fuck business in Slim. We hope Alexa makes a revival soon.

Date: March 16, 2022
Pornstars: Alexa Grace / Van Wylde